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Debate poster, 1879

Chrestomathy is the College of Charleston's journal for outstanding undergraduate research in the humanities and social sciences. The inaugural issue was published in 2002, and a new issue appears each fall.

Each major program in the School of Humanities and Social Sciences and the School of Languages, Cultures, and World Affairs selects one paper to appear in the journal. Additional spaces will be reserved for especially deserving additional papers from these major programs, and for papers written for interdisciplinary minors or related fields in other schools (e.g. art history, economics, theater). Papers will be selected at the end of the spring semester.

If you are a student who wishes to submit a paper for consideration, or a faculty member who wishes to nominate a paper, please consult the departmental or program representative for your discipline, or one of the co-editors, Mike Duvall (English) and Benjamin Fraser (Hispanic Studies). The schedule and procedures to be followed by the editorial board are explained here. You may also wish to consult the instructions for preparing manuscripts.

The word "chrestomathy" comes from the Greek, meaning "useful learning."  The word has two meanings in English:  (1) a selection of passages used as an aid to learning a language; and (2) an anthology of works, often but not always by single author.  The Chrestomathic Literary Society was an undergraduate organization founded at the College of Charleston in 1848.  It existed for more than a century, by some accounts into the 1970's.  The image above is taken from a poster advertising a debate in 1879.