Volume 11, 2012

Authorial Presence in the Works of Poe and Hitchcock 
Marion Ayer

Disabling Disordered Eating: Anorexia Nervosa 
Lindsey Breitwieser

General Grant's Order 11: Causes and Context
Seth Reid Clare

Ignatius of Antioch: A True Roman
Mitchel F. Cordes

Holiday Trees and Seasons Greetings: The Battle of Words in the "War on Christmas"
Rachel L. Davis

Caste and Cosmic War: Violence Erupts in Kandhamal 
Chrystal Dively

Enemy and Ally: Slave Participation in the Anglo-Spanish Contest for the Southeast
John Carl Epperson

Escritores Latinos en los Estados Unidos y sus Obras: Un Análisis de los Temas que Enfrenta la Minoría más Grande de los Estados Unidos
Jennifer Franklyn

How Durable is "Durable Authoritarianism"? A Comparative Study of the Kingdoms of Bahrain and Jordan during the Arab Spring
Caroline Horres

The Brain in Pain: A Review of Nociception and Advacements in the Study of Chronic Pain
Hannah A. Hughes

El Juego de Perspectivas en Vacas de Julio Medem: el Uso de Ostranie para Definir la Sociedad Vasca
Jessica Latham

Fighting the Forest Code: Environment vs. Ecomics in Brazil's Struggle to the Top
Elizabeth McWhinnie

Putting the World Outside Himself: Metaphorical Meaning in the Zhuangzi
Tyler Ray

The Development of King Street as Charleston's Commercial Center
Emma Kathleen Schropp

Reclaiming the Indigenous Style of Kalighat Paintings
Lauren M. Slaughter

The Impact of H. 3757 on Human Trafficking
Jacquelyn Swanner

Notes on Contributors