Volume 9, 2010

Contesting India’s Image on the World Stage: Audience Reception of Slumdog Millionaire
Ashley Anderson    
“Thank You God for Making Me Cute!” Negotiating Bodies, Power, and Religious Meaning in Christian Evangelical Fashion and Beauty Ministries for Teenage Girls
Micah Carpenter                                                                                 

Food, Inc., the Capabilities Approach, and the Right to Healthful Food
Kami Daws                                                                                       

On the Fence: The Role of Language in Cognition
Javier Gomez-Lavin                                                                            

“The Immense Panorama of Futility and Anarchy”: Conrad and Eliot as Critics of Modernity
Tim Havens                                                                                      

Moral Judgments and Visual Attention: An Eye-Tracking Investigation
Rebecca M. Kastner                                                                           

The Science of Witchcraft
Kiel Koehler                                                                                     

The Paradox of the Insufficient Milk Syndrome: Why So Many Contemporary Women’s Attempts at Breastfeeding Fail
Rebecca Kyle                                                                                     

Catfight: A Feminist Analysis
Rachel Reinke                                                                               

Against Genetic Enhancement: The Precautionary Principle and Memory Enhancement
Greg Trotter                                                                                    

Attachment Style in College Students: Family Origins and Mental Health Correlates
L. Crayton Williams                                                                       

The Nobility under Augustus
Spencer Williams                                                                              

The Myth of the Clash of Civilizations: Political Islam in Indonesia and Iran
Lily Winter                                                                                    

Notes on Contributors