Volume 2, 2003

From the Editor

Anti-Abortion Extremism:  The Army of God
Justin C. Altum

Karmic Calculations:  The Social Implications of Karmic Causality in Tibet
Erin Burke

La cultura chilena bajo Augusto Pinochet
LeAnn Chapleau

The Campus Community and the Concept of Sustainability:  An Analysis of College of Charleston Student Perceptions
Charles Earl and Alexandra Lawrence with Natasha Harris and Scott Stiller

Cristine de Pizan y su papel antecesora de Sor Juana Ins de la Cruz
Stephanie Evans

The Use of Propaganda in Nero's Coinage:  Coin #14 of the Joel Handshu Collection at the College of Charleston
Julia C. Hernández

Dangerous Doubles:  Puns and Language in Shakespeare's Hamlet
Teresa Hooper

Feminist Responses to the Politics of Rape: Identifying the Woman's Perspective
Elizabeth Kennedy

"I Will Write My Name in Fire Red":   Subjectivity and Allegory in Wide Sargasso Sea and Annie John
Barbara L. Langston

The Practical and the Poetic:  Heidegger and James on Truth
Chad Lykins

A Burkean Analysis of the Oracles of the Prophet Jeremiah
Frederick W. Podris

Ritual, Revolution and the Consecration of Symbols:  A Turner-Style Analysis of Ahmad Kamal's The Sacred Journey
Jenni Prueitt

The Process of Becoming an Oral Historian
Jennie Padgett Smith

The Economic Inequalities of State Lotteries
Martin Tomlinson

Ageism in the American Health Care System
Liza Turcotte

Do Order and Type of Instructional Materials Matter?
Kathryn Wardle, Elise Fuller and Marcie Desrochers

The Toxic Shock Crisis of 1980
Susan May Wilson

False Structure in Berlin Alexanderplatz
Aaron Winslow

Notes on Contributors