Volume 4, 2005

From the Editors                                                                    

Identity and Religion of the Status Quo:  The Rushdie Affair in the West
Andrew Aghapour

Return to Eden:  Kierkegaard's Religious Path to Selfhood
Jenny Bell

American Janus:  John Doyle Lee and His Complex West
Mark Berry

SpongeBob SquarePants and the Emasculating Arm of Flesh
Chelsea Diffendal

The Paradox of Paradise Regained in the Left Behind Series
A. Diana Forster

Strangers in a Foreign Land:  Hispanic Immigrants on Johns Island, South Carolina
Amanda Grove

The Roman Calendar as an Expression of Augustan Culture:  An Examination of the Fasti Praenestini
Julia Hernández

Language Attitudes in the United States:  An Analysis of the English Only Movement and Bilingual Education
Sally Horton

Measuring Communication Apprehension, Writing Apprehension, and Group Satisfaction Levels in Face-to-Face and Virtual Settings
Rebecca McCarson

Motherhood and Political Action during Argentina's Dirty War:  An Analysis of Argentinean Feminine Literature
Jewel Perkins

The Red Tape Cocktail:  Charleston's Reaction to the South Carolina Dispensary System
Helen Glenn Smith

Aging and Cognition:  Emotional Context Facilitates Perceptual Memory
Emily Steinichen and Emily Shalosky

Grunge and Blues, A Sociological Comparison:  How Space and Place Influence the Development and Spread of Regional Musical Styles
Tara Talley

The Integration of Fourierism into Brook Farm
Dan Threet

The Rise (and Fall?) of Theory
Ian Watts

Notes on Contributors