Volume 12, 2013

Editor, J. Michael Duvall, Department of English
Special thanks to Conor Synette (MA student, Department of English) for final manuscript review.

Freaking Fatness through History: Critical Intersections of Fatness and Disability
Amber Cantrell (Women's and Gender Studies)

Food as Fear, Food as Social Change: A Split-Personality or a Dynamic System?
Libby Conwell (Political Science)

Food or Fuel: Globalization, BioFuel, and Sovereign Food Security in the Mexican Maize Industry
Kelly Couch (Latin American and Caribbean Studies)

What Does it Matter to Ya?: James Bond’s Masculinity and Cold War Britain
Derek Del Core (History)

The Development of Children’s Understanding of Humility
Matthew Echols and Lauren Finkbiner (Psychology)

Heroes or Hoodlums: A Comparative Analysis of an Italian and an American Gangster Film
Brianna Humphreys (Italian Studies)

Pan and “Homosexual Panic” in Turn of the Century Gothic Literature
Victor Imko (English)

Sweetgrass Basket Stands under Siege
Catherine F. Marshall (Anthropology)

Sexual Assault Reporting and Negative Psychological Outcomes Among Adolescents
Liana McNallan (Sociology)

Stylistic Humor Trends and Change in Gender Roles in Buenos Aires
Nicole Pontón (Anthropology)

The Work of Art Does Not Exist: Reflections on the Ontological Openness of Damien Hirst’s The Physical Impossibility of Death in The Mind of Someone Living
Mathew Rabon (Philosophy)

Polarized Politics: Fassbinder’s Use of ‘Spiele(n)’ in Die dritte Generation (1979) as an Explanation of Left-wing Terrorism in West Germany
Stephanie Rhodes (German Studies)

“We’re Not All Booty Twerkin’ Bomb Chicks”: A Mixed1 Methods Autoethnographic Journey into Zumba Classes
Emily Rogers (Women's and Gender Studies)

A Semiotic and Social Network Analysis of the Bacchic Gold Tablets
Alice Van Arsdale (Classics)

Tangy Temptation: McDonald’s and Marketing to a Foodie World
Thomas R. Werner (Communication)

A New American Esoteric Discourse: Mormon Esotericism
John Caleb Wise (Religious Studies)

Balancing Commodities and Culture: Alternative Agriculture and the Viable Indigenous Model
Liza Wood (Political Science)

Notes on Contributors