Volume 5, 2006

Global Warming and Generation Y
Mary Lauren Ashe

From Egypt to Canaan:  Why African American Exodusters Left Mississippi for Kansas in 1879
Jane Baker

Age-Related Differences in the Use of Phonology to Facilitate Implicit and Explicit Memory for New Associations
Amy L. Byrd

"You Are Now in Fairyland":  The Shifting Nature of Space in the Fiction of Cape Town
David J. Callenberger

Las Testigos:  La historicidad en las novelas de Isabel Allende, Angeles Mastretta y Laura Restrepo
Laura Davenport

The Modern Hijab:  Tool of Agency, Tool of Oppression
Chelsea Diffendal

Non-Medical Use of Prescription Stimulants at the College of Charleston
Chelsea Dunn

Sweatshop Free But Still Exploitative:  Sexual Harassment at American Apparel
Jamie Huff

Homelessness in the Land of Opportunity?
Kristen Neumann-Martiensen

Appeasing Neptune:  The Function of Nautical Tradition
Louisa W. Pittman

The Opening of Intentionality
Colin Sonner

Developing an Ecofeminist Ethic Within the Hindu Tradition
Corey Wallace

Time of Day Preference for Preschool Aged Children
Leandra Wickersham

Ethnic Conflict and Humanitarian Intervention
Rebecca Wieters

Representations of Women in the Abbey Theatre
Christina Wilson

Germ-Line Genetic Engineering and the Precautionary Principle
William Ford Wright

From Colonies to Nation: The Emergence of American Nationalism, 1750-1800
Alexander Jaber Ziegler

Notes on Contributors